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What is theKit?

theKit is more than a Content Management System, it's a content platform that gives you the tools you need to manage your whole website strategy.
Below you will see just some of theKit's features listed by the different site managers theKit offers. Simply click on the manager's name to get a list of features or click on the "take a tour" button to see an overview of theKit.


RSS Feeds

Alert your site users of updates by publishing site content changes to your master RSS feed, or publish individual RSS feeds to allow users to see only the updates they are interested in.

Multiple Users

Have multiple contributors? That's okay, theKit allows you to add multiple users and set their level of access by defining permissions.


SEO, or search engine optimization, is built into theKit. When we implement your design, and with the content theKit creates, we hit the bases for good SEO compliance.


TheKit is a hosted platform providing a solution to manage your content from your pages to your relationships to events and registrations to news and much more

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